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Project aims at giving new solutions to the problems that elderly people faces with New Technologies and during their daily tasks, keeping  them involved in present society. These solutions will be driven through Augmented Reality technologies implemented in a portable device that will give them instructions of how to proceed during different activities of daily living.



This device will allow elders with memory disorders continue living an independent life and thanks to its intuitive interfaces will let them easily accessing the digital world. Additionally, the device will project on artificial reality on all the rooms where the user moves, different instructions that may help them with the tasks to be achieve.


During the last years many efforts have been made trying to introduce elderly people into New Technologies, making more use of the Online Shopping, telephone, television… services and devices for which they do not feel native. This project tries to find a new way of introducing them into the virtual communities in a more native way, creating a device with which they will feel confident, easy to use, and easy to understand, with much more functionality on the assistance to daily living, which could revolution the market as we know it.