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Através de proyecciones de realidad aumentada se mostrará cómo realizar tareas diarias.


La realidad aumentada es una tecnología que fusiona imágenes virtuales sobre video en tiempo real. Actualmente, las aplicaciones más habituales de la realidad aumentada tienen un carácter lúdico o comercial: videojuegos, marketing y publicidad, patrimonio cultural, etc. Sin embargo, el proyecto en el que acaba de embarcarse el Instituto Tecnológico de Castilla y León, ITCL.


Leggi tutto: NACODEAL, Realidad Aumentada para personas con Alzheimer

Publishing on NumeroZero Feb. 2012, newsletter for COOSS Marche members, titled: “NACODEAL: il dispositivo tecnologico che facilita la memoria”;

Focus group with family and carers during NACODEAL Scenario activities (February 2012);

Carrying out and dissemination of leaflets and posters in Italian and English language (February-March 2012);

Leggi tutto: NACODEAL, some dissemination activities


Project aims at giving new solutions to the problems that elderly people faces with New Technologies and during their daily tasks, keeping  them involved in present society. These solutions will be driven through Augmented Reality technologies implemented in a portable device that will give them instructions of how to proceed during different activities of daily living.


Leggi tutto: NAtural COmunication DEvice For Assisted Living