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Workplan and Work Packages    

To reach the desired level of quality, comprehensive Work Plan will be implemented. Hence, a set of dedicated and specific efforts (work packages (WP)) will be defined so to methodically cover all the needs of the project. The project will be divided in a total of 9 work packages, which are briefly described below.


WP 1

WP1 Project management and Dissemination is a horizontal WP in which the Management and coordination tasks of the project will be performed

WP 2

WP2 Scenario Definition will address the analysis of the requirements of the solution from the enduser's perspective and the technical approach

WP 3

WP3 Augmented Reality Module is the WP in which the Augmented Reality components will be implemented. These components will be the base for all the guides that will be integrated to the device

WP 4

WP4 IT Communications Module, in which different software modules will be developed for managing the device

WP 5

WP5 HW subsystems will offer a particular hardware solution to incorporate the communications module developed in WP4 and enable the Augmented Reality Module to operate correctly

WP 6

WP6 Service Contents will provide the content for the services the device will incorporate

WP 7

WP7 System Integration shall consolidate all the modules already developed into the final system and with its adequate accessible interfaces

WP 8

WP8 User validation In this WP real-environment tests will be performed to verify the correct functioning of the developed device

WP 9

WP9 Will define how the Project results will be exploited, and will pave the way for the implementation of the exploitation itself