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Publishing on NumeroZero Feb. 2012, newsletter for COOSS Marche members, titled: “NACODEAL: il dispositivo tecnologico che facilita la memoria”;

Focus group with family and carers during NACODEAL Scenario activities (February 2012);

Carrying out and dissemination of leaflets and posters in Italian and English language (February-March 2012);

Participation in National meeting “Italia Longeva”, Ancona 14-15 June 2012;

Participation in Regional meeting “Home automation at the service of active ageing” 26 June 2012;

Presentation of NACODEAL Paper “Elderly with temporary memory loss: the NACODEAL scenario” during Bilbao AAL Summit 27-29 June 2012;

Participation in Workshop on the social enterprise, Riva del Garda (TN) 13-14 September 2012;

Carrying out of NACODEAL Paper for the ForItal (III AAL Italian Forum), Parma 17-19 October 2012;

Publishing on NumeroZero Nov. 2012, newsletter for COOSS Marche members, titled: “NACODEAL: le immagini come supporto all'autonomia dell'anziano”;

NACODEAL project profile uploaded on COOSS site (January 2013);

NACODEAL end-users newsletter N°2, February 2013;

Publishing of an article about NACODEAL A.R. in the Health magazine SenzaEtà, N°57, May-June 2013;

NACODEAL has been inserted as model in a proposal on Smart Cities and Communities;

Short explanation of NACODEAL during AGES 2.0 project Seminar titled: New technologies in supporting elderly’s social inclusion and communication. (Seminar location and date: Marche Region, 14th June 2013). Project website

Presentation of Paper “Social interaction evaluation during the testing of AAL solutions: NACODEAL case study” with presentation within Session A2 of AAL Forum 2013, Sweden 24th-26th.